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Shifrin Legal Practice Areas


Condo & Community Association Law

Legal Services  

1. Attendance at open board meetings

2. Serve as registered agent for association

3. Review association governing documents and provide legal opinions

4. Prepare correspondence with third parties concerning foreclosures and closings

5. Prepare correspondence with vendors and contractors on behalf of association

6. Prepare warning and violation notices to unit owners

7. Draft audit letters 

8. Review and negotiate contracts on behalf of association

9. Monitor foreclosure proceedings and provide routine updates

10. Review and revise association rules and regulations

11. Review association declaration and bylaws and provide legal recommendations

12. Draft amendments to association declaration and bylaws

13. Prepare amended and restated declaration and bylaws upon request

14. Prepare collection policies 

15. Assist with building code violations  



Legal Services

1. Prepare a rigid collections policy for your association

2. Prepare thirty day notice and demands 

3. Conduct title searches confirming legal ownership 

4. Run bankruptcy searches on individual unit owners/legal entities

5. Conduct foreclosure searches on delinquent units

6. Prepare forcible entry and detainer complaint for possession and monetary judgment

7. Court attendance

8. Prepare evictions for sheriff enforcement

9. Issuance of notice of intent to collect a debt

10. Monitor collection payment plans

11. Prepare liens

12. Prepare release of liens

13. Prepare and record memorandum of judgments 

14. Prepare and send payment plan correspondence

15. Provide routine status updates on all pending collection matters



Legal Services

1. Assistance with building code violation matters

2. Represent associations with mechanics lien claims

3. Unit owner rule violation enforcement

4. Breach of contract complaints

5. Injunctions and declaratory relief

6. Assist associations with construction defect claims

7. Represent and defend associations in fiduciary duty matters

8. Advise and consult on mold and insurance related claims

9. Assist association boards with discrimination claims

10. Represent associations in mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings 


Shifrin Legal Pricing

Pricing Structure

Consistent with its "client-first" mentality, Shifrin Legal offers various pricing structures specifically designed to accommodate the legal needs and operating budget of your association.  SL offers flat fee arrangements on a variety of legal projects, hourly billing and budget friendly monthly retainers for associations looking for ongoing legal support.  The intent is to identify a pricing structure that best suits the legal needs and budget of your association to establish a lifelong professional relationship.  Contact SL today for detailed pricing information customized to fit your association.      

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