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Attorney Michael Shifrin Adds a Human Touch to Condo and Community Association Law

Michael Shifrin and his team at Shifrin Legal aspire to walk a valuable line in the field of condominium and community association law, merging the capability, resources and experience of a large firm with the personal touch of a boutique practice. It's an approach based on the knowledge that failing to look beyond the text of laws and contracts to resolve an association dispute is, frankly, too simplistic and too narrow in scope to serve clients entangled in disagreements between neighbors coexisting within the same association.

An in depth understanding of human psychology—of the needs that drive people, the fears and resentments and misunderstandings that simmer and boil over—is just as important as understanding the minutiae of legal documents. Michael Shifrin has built his practice on the proven belief that this wider skill set and personal attention to human detail can effectively prevent, defuse, deescalate and resolve conflicts efficiently and humanely. Importantly, that it can be done without expensive, unnecessary litigation that so often leaves all sides feeling betrayed and unsatisfied.

Michael Shifrin's experience in the field runs deep. He has spent over a decade in condominium and community association law, including a period as co-chair of the Illinois Chapter of the Community Association Institute Membership Committee. He's a prolific writer and has published extensively in industry trade publications. Illinois Super Lawyer's Magazine identified him as a “Rising Star” on three separate occasions, an honor reserved for the top 2.5% of attorneys in the state under the age of forty. He was selected as an “Emerging Lawyer in Illinois” by Leading Lawyers, another designation reserved for the top 2% of younger high-achieving attorneys. Perhaps most importantly of all, he has become a sought-after speaker at trade shows and expositions, a testament to the personable, upbeat and pragmatic persona he brings to his work.

Shifrin's mission is about more than settling disputes. It’s about using those years of experience to help his clients build a culture of sustainable communities rooted in a solid foundation of economic stability, clear and honest communication, and shared goals and expectations. This is the unifying theme of much of Michael Shifrin's writings - sustainable budgets, ethical board behavior, fiduciary responsibility, and getting the right minds in the right places to steer the ship. It is always easier to prevent problems than it is to solve them. While Shifrin Legal is more than equipped to pursue collections and litigation when necessary, perhaps the greatest value the firm provides lies in the construction of a community culture that does not require constant court intervention to handle its affairs. Shifrin helps shape such cultures by providing personalized legal counsel, attending board meetings, closely working with management and the board, and crafting amendments when governing documents are flawed or incomplete. This is the hard, important work that shapes the kind of condominium or community association that is built to last - stable, honest, clear, clean and human.

What does this mean for the client? It is the security of knowing that you have a legal partner every step of the way, so that when things do go wrong – a vendor breaches its contract, owners fail to pay assessments, construction defects are found, or a host of other legal headaches – there is an attorney already in place, intimately familiar with the governing documents and the parties themselves, fully prepared to both mediate or litigate as necessary. Problems happen fast and come from unexpected directions, and this level of familiarity and proactive representation is invaluable in times of crisis. Michael Shifrin and his team are excited to bring their expertise to the condominium and community association communities throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. He understands that the needs of clients are fluid and evolve over time, and he looks forward to watching the firm grow and adapt alongside the communities it serves. More information about Michael Shifrin and Shifrin Legal can be found at, or call 312-470-2276 to set up a consultation.

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