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Why Shifrin Legal?

SL Philosophy

Shifrin Legal is unlike any other firm. It was built from scratch with a client first mindset. Beginning with the very first contact a client or property manager has, its client-centered philosophy emerges and can be felt. Shifrin Legal has deep knowledge of condominium and community association law from years of practice. More important, SL recognizes that people are at the root of all condominium and community association legal issues. As legal counsel and a member of your team, SL develops a significant understanding of the individuals involved in any legal matter. Once achieved, SL seamlessly combines its knowledge of the law and understanding of people to protect its clients and achieve their legal objectives. This command of legal knowledge and human psychology distinguishes Shifrin Legal within the condominium and community association arena.        

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After practicing law within the condominium and community association industry for over a decade, Michael Shifrin recognized a need. Clients, specifically boards of directors, were receiving sound legal advice but were looking for something more. Mr. Shifrin realized the missing component was what he calls "the human side of law." All condominium and community association legal issues involve people at their core. Understanding and having a mastery of applicable law is simply not enough. A skilled lawyer must also develop a deep understanding of the people involved and merge the two together. Often those people sit on the board of directors of a condominium or community association. Armed with this realization he began consistently applying this theory to his practice, which yielded terrific results. Clients began receiving legal advice specially tailored to their unique needs. Legal pitfalls were avoided and issues resolved quickly and efficiently rather than slowly and costly. Clients were pleased with this style of legal representation and the void was filled. Through Shifrin Legal, Michael hopes to bring his unique style of practice to as many condominium and community associations as possible. He believes understanding and implementing the "human side of law" is what separates great lawyers from good ones.


Over the last decade Michael Shifrin has distinguished himself within the condominium and community association industry, becoming a sought-after speaker at various trade show events and expositions. As former co-chair of the Community Association Institute (CAI, Illinois Chapter) Membership Committee and author of numerous articles within industry trade publications, Michael is an active participant and recognized leader. He was named an Illinois "Rising Star" by Illinois Super Lawyer's Magazine three times during his career; a recognition limited to the top 2.5% of lawyers under 40 years of age. Additionally, he was selected as an Emerging Lawyer in Illinois by Leading Lawyers, which recognizes those under the age of 40 that prove themselves professional and experienced in their legal career.  Less than 2% of all lawyers licensed to practice law in Illinois have received this honor.


Upbeat, personable and results-oriented, Michael Shifrin customizes the legal counseling he provides for each of his clients to ensure it fits their specific needs. As a practitioner, he recognizes that board member and client needs change over time, and he adjusts his practices to meet those needs “on the fly”.  Mr. Shifrin believes that Shifrin Legal is the best boutique condominium and community association law firm, combining the capability and experience of a large law firm with the feel and personalization of a boutique practice. Michael and the Shifrin Legal team welcome the opportunity to serve you and your community.  

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